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Helper Application.

Post by Oscar Armando on Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:24 pm

There's no helper format so I will create it by myself

In Game name ; Oscar Armando
:Level : 2
Why I am applying :

I'm really interested in helping newbies and other players as I've done in my past career, I am a good helper and I've helped numerous people and newbies. I want to let the newbies grow into a better state and teach them the correct from the wrong. I want to help the newbies over the newbie channel in-game and over forums. Interests in being a community helper is the same for every applicant, but some applicants or candidates do not mean the words they're saying. I mean my word and I'm gonna help every newbie that requires help. Players know me well because I'm a player  that used to help tons of players and still helps tons of players on the newbie channel,spending my time on the newbie channel and on forums, helping players and newbies. I actually do not know how to express my interests more than that because my interests are clear well and they are very simple, except the fact that I have to prove them by actions in-game by helping newbies and teaching them what’s wrong and what’s correct. of course. I’d say that there are no interests such as “I want the tag” or “the color” but my interest is that I want to get the helper tag to let people’s demonstration get bigger and not end because I’ve always wished to have this helper tag due to me helping a lot on the newbie channel and helping newbies.
Now it's your choice wether to choose me instead of other applications, but in my opinion, I fit well for this position as I'm well experienced player with many good positions.
this is ur interests

Why you would choose me :

It's always your choice wether to choose me instead of other applications, but stating some reasons might satisfy you to choose me instead of the other applicants.
First of all, I am a high leveled player that has been helping newbies and players for months, which means I spent most of my time helping and teaching newbies the what is correct and what is wrong.
Second of all, I've never been prisoned during my SARP life-time, except my first newbie days and times.
I'm an experienced player that has achieved lots of positions, many of them that are IC because I’m more into roleplay and IC stuff. Achieving IC stuff gives me an advantage above other candidates because you want players to help and encourage players to roleplay and to do IC stuff.
You can guys say that I'm a well known player so that means I'm trustworthy and not a rule breaker. I have been playing the server for a lot of years and in those years, I have already helped a lot of players and taught a lot of players the rules. I'm an active player on SARP and what I mostly do is help on the newbie channel because I love helping newbies. One more thing that is you could trust high leveled players more than low leveled because those high leveled players that help on the newbie channel spent hours and months on the server to reach to this status. I hope I satisfied you by my words, and I hope that I will meet your needs.

Oscar Armando

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